Non League Day

This weekend sees the return of Non League Day to the footballing calendar. With the Premier League and Championship having no fixtures as a result of the international break, Non League Day was set up as an initiative to encourage fans to go and take in a non-league game and support a local club.

Last weekend 556,565 attended matches in the top two divisions of English football alone, so this weekend roughly half a million people will not have a game to attend. The aim of Non League Day is to get a fraction of these people out of the purgatory of shopping trips and in to their local clubs. Depending on the level of the club, entrance can be anything from £15 down to a couple of quid.

The organisers of Non League Day have put together a fantastic website ( and also produced a map ( to help people find a game to attend. This weekend also sees the first preliminary round of the F.A Cup, a chance to see the world’s most famous cup competition long before the league clubs enter.

Finally, if helping a grass roots local club in these difficult times isn’t a just enough cause, Macmillan Cancer Research is the official partner of Non League Day, and Macmillan representatives will be collecting at grounds up and down the country.

If you can, grab this chance to go and take in a grass roots game standing on a terrace with no diving, no prawn sarnies, no glory supporters and no inflated admissions.

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